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"You should have seen moms face!"

One month ago I took one of my girls to see her daughter for the second time in 7 years. After years of addiction she gave her life to Jesus and He brought restoration! Her daughter is 17 and in a wheelchair, unable to move except her arms, she was born with spine abifida. She also has had several strokes and is completely blind. Despite her physical condition she still has an incredible personality and an unstoppable spirit. At this visit we were sitting at the kitchen table and visiting and her nurse offered to show us her documentary on you tube. This incredible young lady wants to tell her story to the world around her that God saved her life! Her documentary was full of hope through such a hard life situation. She continues to persevere! Her moto in the video and on her jewelry that she makes is "Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable!"

After we watched the documentary we all sat there silently weeping. The nurse said with that response to her story she will change the world. All the sudden this incredible young lady says, "Yeah, You should have seen moms face!" She is blind but still able to vision her moms face of her being proud of her. That was one of the greatest pictures of faith I have ever seen. Unable to see her mothers face God gave her a picture to see the one thing she wanted her entire life; for her mom to be proud of her!

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