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About Our Founder

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Invitation Ministries was founded by Sarah Myers. Sarah was born and raised in Crossville, TN. Sarah started a life of addiction at the age of 11 that lead her into a 10 year iv drug addiction. Sarah lost mother, father, grandmother, brother, & first son by the time she was 23 yrs old. After raising her 3 children for four years, her parental rights were terminated due to her drug addiction. During one of several jail stays, Sarah gave her life to God on a cold cell room floor. It was on that day, that she was radically saved and set free! Sarah entered the Alpha House, and Louisiana Teen Challenge as she continued to pursue God's plan for her life. She stayed with Teen Challenge for 2 1/2 years until she felt a burden for the addiction crisis back in her home town of Crossville, TN. Sarah wanted to give back all that had been given to her and that's when Invitation Ministries was born. Today, by the grace of God, Sarah is serving full time as the Director of Invitation Ministries. She believes for God to meet ALL her needs. She has been restored back to her children after  7 years of complete separation. 

" My life was completely hopeless before I met Jesus! I was tormented. One I received His peace, and baptized by the Holy Spirit, I was completely delivered" I will spend the rest of my life sharing the freedom He has given me! I pray that you know if He can do it for me that He will do it for you!

Sarah Myers

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