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About Our Founder:

Sarah Myers-Greve is a mother, wife,  author, ordained minister, health & life coach, pioneer, and evangelist. Sarah has been featured on CBN, she is a graduate of both Emerging Leaders Program & Louisiana Adult & Teen Challenge. Sarah struggled with a 12 year IV drug addiction after losing her mother, father, brother, grandmother, and first son before she was 23 years old. She lost her children due to her addiction for 7 years. During the time of her darkest moments she had an encounter with Jesus in a 5 x 9 cell. Since that time in 2011 Sarah has never been the same! 

Invitation Ministries was launched one night at 3:00 in the morning from the word of God in Luke 5:31-32 it says Jesus heard about it and spoke up and said, "Who needs a doctor, the healthy or the sick?"I'm here inviting outsiders, not insiders, an invitation to a changed life, changed inside and out! 

After reading that scripture Sarah launch a ministry in her hometown where she sold drugs and was addicted but God had delivered her and placed a burden in her heart! Sarah's heart was to reach the ones that struggled like she did. For 7 years she focused on mainly her hometown until God had her stretch out her reach and now she ministers all through the United States and soon to other countries!

Click this link and watch our founders CBN video

You can also go to Sarah's blogs on the blog tab and her you tube page!


You can read more about Sarah's story by purchasing her upcoming book,

"3 Days in a Haze" it will be available on Amazon for purchase in May of 2023! Sarah shares about her child hood, her losses, and her encounter of how God healed her supernaturally, restored her children, and called her into ministry!

Sarah Myers-Greve is also a health coach helping many over come in their health!


To learn more fill out the link and we will contact you.

Thrive Womens group is a place for women to grow together and thrive in their callings! Sarah Myers-Greve does online coarses in her Thrive Group and Activation retreats, where you are trained how to walk in your calling, pioneer the things God has put in your heart, and thrive in the Lord! You can ask to join though Facebook or emailing us at the bottom of this page!

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