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Enemy Exposed

Lately I have been evaluating my own life and patterns of attacks that have come against me and the ministry God has called us too. The enemy was trying to make me quit! The truth is I wanted to BUT GOD stepped in when I came to the end of myself and He carried me through to victory! He brought clarity, strength, and faith all while in the presence of my enemy!

Many of you know what lessons you refuse to learn you have to go around the same mountain again and again until you face them! But this was something greater that I was facing. These patterns I was seeing were evidence that this enemy wanted me dead! This was a principality that kept trying to destroy and wreak havoc in my life.

Suddenly one day in a deep conversation with the Lord I heard Him say, “Sarah the ultimate agenda of Jezebel or any demonic spirit is to grip you and get you to become their pawn so you will serve it and not the Lord!”

How it gains access:

If your prophetic, the enemy wants to hurt you and make you bitter so you will use your gift for his kingdom to destroy others instead of glorify God. When you have bitterness in your heart it flows out of your mouth.

If your called to serve, he wants to offend you and keep you from connecting from the place God has called you to serve! So you will serve the enemy or settle for less or isolation leaving feeling defeated & alone!

Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

These principalities want you to be gripped by them and release their agenda through your words and actions! That’s when you become like them!

What to do about it!: We must continuously keep our hearts right before the Lord asking that every trace of a seed planted in our hearts be removed so WE ONLY REPRODUCE GODS FRUIT and not the enemys! Break agreement with the enemy! Know this there is no need to be afraid because when you are in a relationship with Jesus—He will always whisper to you about the enemys attemps to keep you from being gripped by the enemy!

The Lord told me last night, “Sarah there are so many who have been wounded by the church and others that need to see it was not the person it was the enemy! He told me to share this as a testimony that the Lord has delivered me from the attacks of Jezebel and shown me how to expose this principality and how to help others see and understand how NOT TO LET THE ENEMY GRIP THEM!

Your not crazy the enemy has always tried to take you out because you are a force to be reckoned with!!!

Sarah Myers-Greve

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