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Gods Companionship

Today you may be facing obstacles that are in direct opposition to where you want to be. Life has hit you in the wounded place and you wonder “How will I make it through?” There has been moments in my life that have seemed unbearable, I wasn’t sure that I would make it through them.

But those moments are the ones that I found out who God really is. That He is a deliverer, that He DOES NOT HIDE FROM US WHEN TIMES ARE UGLY OR HARD OR EVEN WHEN WE HAVE MESSED UP!

In fact I have found that Gods love is nothing like humanity’s. Our natural response at times is to with drawl our love from others when it’s hard-but God doesn’t!

It has been God’s companionship and love that has gotten me through when life has thrown circumstances and the enemy has tried to kick me when I m down.

I m sorry to those of you who have been hurt by the church, your parents, and your friends because Gods love was not displayed in its full capacity! Today and in whatever your facing EMBRACE GODS COMPANIONSHIP & Love, it will pull you through every circumstance!

-Sarah Myers-Greve

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