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Anthony Greve

Evangelist, Author, and Recovery Pastor

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Anthony's Bio

When he was a boy in the small town of Whitehall, Michigan, Anthony had dreamed of making it big in the music world. The furthest thought from his mind was what plan God might have for his life. Anthony started playing guitar on the outskirts of Muskegon, Michigan, with local bands such as Bidtter Ecstasty and Two Heded Chan. He soon made a name for himself, gaining regional acclaim and became the lead guitar player for the rock band Pop Evil. As Pop Evil toured with bands such as Rev Theory, Three Doors Down, Judas Priest, and Saliva, they began to make a name for themselves in the highly competitive music industry. But Anthony gradually found himself entangled in the arms of a monster.The monster that held Anthony fed every addiction he already had. There were more drugs, more girls, and more parties than ever before. “I was drinking every night and doing pills on top of it. I set out to be the life of the party, but all this was doing was leading me into more and more darkness.” In fact, this lifestyle had opened doors to the demonic realm where Anthony encountered the enemy of his soul.

On a night off, Anthony had a heart to heart with the King of kings and the Lord of lords on the 2nd floor of an Alabama hotel room. God spoke to Anthony and said, “I created you for a relationship with Me, it’ll never work without Me.” Reflecting on those words, Anthony began to think back over the last 26 years of things that he had done wrong, wondering why God would forgive him of all people. But God was silent during this time. “Even as I was reflecting on this I began to feel convicted of my sins. Finally he said, “God, I’m sick and tired of hiding and running from you, you already know everything that I have done wrong, but you need to hear it from my mouth.” As Anthony began to confess his sins out to God, he broke down and began to weep in true repentance, stating that he was sorry and that he didn’t know what he was doing. As he cried out to God in true genuine faith, God responded with this statement, “son, I forgive you, now I’m going to give you the one who is going to empower you” (Acts 1:8). In that moment Anthony was baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit and every chain was broken off of his life. “When I got filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, it was straight power rushing through my body. It felt like someone had hooked jumper cables up to me and was pumping me full of high voltage electricity, only it wasn’t hurting me. It felt like it was cleaning me. It was in that moment, that very instant that every chain of addiction was broken off of my life. Things that I never thought I’d be free from were gone. Not only were they gone, but it was as if they were never there at all” (John 8:36).

After his encounter with God, Anthony began to battle and fight to get his life back. This included exiting Pop Evil. With the help of God, against all opposition, Anthony left the band and began his journey with God. He enrolled in Northpoint Bible College in Haverhill, Massachusetts to study God’s Word and grow in His relationship with Christ. Today, as he continues his studies, he has begun to walk in his calling as an evangelist, traveling and preaching the Word of God. He has been encouraged as signs, wonders, and miracles have followed the preaching of the Word (Mark 16:20).




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