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Submit your mind to the Spirit or lose your battles!

The Lord spoke to me about not being angry and not taking His Glory while I was at a youths basketball game. After watching our team go through a very brutal loss at one of our games. I observed the way the other team was playing; they were quick, calm, and to the goal. They made almost ever shot but yet never stopped to rejoice in their own glory or ability to make the shot so smoothly and moved on to the next play and quickly thought about what had to be done next to win this battle.

As soon as I heard the coaches voice at the beginning of the game as she was speaking to one of her players; I heard authority with great love! I recognized it, perhaps she was a Christian because I knew that sound.

During the game several of our teams members were red faced and angry because it seemed like they just couldn’t get ahead. One of our girls on our team almost got fouled out of the game because she had to many fouls. Our team had just won the previous week so I believe the team was probably a little full of them selves and believed they would win. But as we all know that pride goes before the fall. I t was pretty hard to watch. Our team lost 67 to 0 and they had to give the winners a hand shack after. Ouch…. Life greatest lessons seem to be taught through life experiences.

It was during the game when I saw the other teams affectiveness in battle that I began to say,

" Lord teach me while I’m here what it takes to win the battles of life" and He spoke to me saying—you must stay calm, don’t get angry, and NEVER TAKE THE GLORY!!!

Ephesians 4:26 Says Be angry, and do not sin” don not let the sun go down on your wrath.

I believe the reason this scriptures says be angry and do not sin is because anger is one of those emotions that arrests us and this is a warning against allowing anger and our flesh to control us but instead we must submit our carnal minds to the Spirit of God if we want to win the battles in life.

Zechariah 4:6 says- So He said to me, This is what the Lord says to Zerubbal: It is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of Heavens Armies.

Quickly I have realized that there are times when I am playing like our team did that night;

I will believe that in my own might, power, anger and control that I can accomplish what needs to be done and get my point across but the Lord showed me that will cause me to lose the battle every time and walk away exhausted just like our team did that night.

Thank goodness I was there! I was able to encourage them to rise up and bless one of the girls on our team with a sweet treat after the game which I learned she needs more when she loses then when she is winning.

Just like God will often wait to encourage us when we are down then when we are up.

I believe the Lord knows our human nature because He became one of us and He was telling us how to handle anger and life. Not by might, not by power but by the Spirit!

He has continued to teach me about this through each church service we go to! He is tying His message up with a bow on top and giving this message to me as a gift to grow as a team and for me to walk through it so I can teach it to others.

I felt strongly last night after watching a teaching by Bill Johnson called The Renewing of the mind that He was saying us a s a team must learn how to submit our carnal minds to the Spirit that lives in us. Its only then that the Spirit man over rides the carnal and we release the anointing, and Truly its only the anointing that breaks that yoke of slavery.

We must take this time to learn how to submit our flesh, carnal mind to the Spirit of God.

As we grow together this next year we must learn how to handle the attacks from the enemy and win the battle and it will only happen by submitting your mind to the Spirit of God and not reacting by the flesh but only by the Spirit!!!

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