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Inconvience or Divine leading?:

During our Noah’s Ark trip we had 2 stops that were what you were think were inconviences BUT GOD! The first stop to go to the restroom was at a gas station that had no bathrooms but there was a women in her car falling asleep from being high, immediately I heard the Lord tell me to go speak to her within a few minutes of telling her what God had done in my life she gave her heart to Jesus!

Several hours later I was at a McDonald’s getting my coffee and the coffee was made wrong. I had to pull around and go in and ask them to fix it. Before entering the building there was another women walking out of the building intoxicated and falling asleep, immediately I heard the Lord say she’s why your coffees not right, she’s the reason your here! After seeing her I started to pray watched her get settled, got my new coffee and then went over to her to share the love of Christ and the option for freedom. She cried from the moment I began speaking to her about me being the 2nd person that day that God had sent to her! She is going to reach out to us and go into one of our women’s programs tomorrow!!!

Remember that these things are not inconviences but truly are divine leading for a bigger purpose! Obedience to be His mouth piece will save someone’s life!

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