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Final Destination

In Luke 14:15-24 you see Jesus is telling them about a parable that there was an invitation inviting them to the banquet in the Kingdom of God but they were too busy to come, they made excuses. 1 was kept busy but his field, another by his oxen, another by his new wife. You have property, work, money, and relationships here that keep them from answering Jesus invitation.

So He says "Go quickly into the streets, alleys and invite the poor, blind, crippled, and lame and invite them to come.

After the man did this there was till more room so Jesus says some thing here that has changed everything for me and the way I minister! He says ok because theres more room "Go out into the highways and hidden places and COMPEL them to come in that His house may be filled.

the word compel means impel agree in the idea of using physical or other force to cause some thing to be done.

For so long I was taught not to push my Jesus on someone. I dont mean to say that we are to shove Jesus down there throats but we are to use the force of heaven to come in to the banquet table.

Stopping to ask a man that is dying on the streets if he would like to receive Jesus is like asking him to give you the keys to the car He doesnt own. You must hand him the keys and teach him how to drive. Tell him to come with you!

My time is Philedelphia changed everything for me about the way I minister. The people were dying out there and what they needed was and some one who would compel them to come to the banquet table. There was no time to think of a religious prayer of how I could walk them down Romans road. I had to literally be a child to them and for them. I asked the Lord wait dont we have to ask them if they want to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior? And the Lord said everyone wants me but doesn;t know how to get me. He also told me that the devil did not ask permission so why should we?

Don't get me wrong we didn't make them pray with us if they said no I'm not ready for that. But the ones who were ready were like thank you that was so simple and left with a smile on their faces knowing their final destination. They were waiting on someone to usher them into heaven.

Leading someone to Jesus easy and simple. Ask them to day a prayer with you and say Jesus come into my heart and be my Lord and Savior and forgive me of my sins. Its that simple! Of coarse after that we want to follow up with them and get them plugged into the local church.

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