Stories of Grace & Redemption


My name is Tabatha Pelfrey. I was born and raised in Roane County TN. I came from a long life of struggles that left me feeling incomplete and sad often. This caused me to make bad decisions that led to a heavy drug addiction. I got to a point to where I didn't care about anyone or anything if it was not beneficial for myself I didn't bother with it. The enemy had destroyed my life and I allowed it for a very long time loosing custody of my child not once but twice. He had me right where he wanted me, at least that's what he thought!! See the truth is my savor Jesus Christ had me just where he wanted me. Over a year ago I give my heart and life over to God and I have not been the same since. Then Invitation Ministries helped me go into Louisiana Teen Challenge. God has totally changed the person I once was. I now am able to understand that it's not always about Tabatha and he is continuing to change the person I am. The Lord is already restoring things in my life. I am a walking testimony of that today God has restored my family and my life he just continue to blow my mind with his goodness. Thank you Lord for never leaving me! I"m realizing each day my need for the Lord is becoming stronger and stronger and I know I could never make it without him once I was lost but now I am found and it's all for the glory of our God!! Jesus Christ

I Struggled with drug addiction and self destructive behavior for 20 years. It left me angry and broken. I was so lost in darkness that I couldn't remember what hope felt like. I entered Teen Challenge on Nov. 11,2014 and all that changed! I found the GRACE and LOVE of Jesus Christ and now my hope is in Him. I now work at The Bridge Adult and Teen Challenge in Louisiana and I am honored to watch the ladies lives be transformed through Christ!

Jesica Thompson

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