Our vision is to reach the hopeless, lost, and addicted by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to build relationship with those who are hopeless and bring them to Christ where they can be forgiven and set free. Our desire is to give them a foundation, encourage them to heal, teach them, empower them, and launch them out into their callings, either that be through program placement or our support groups, our leadership training program, or volunteering! We desire to share the gospel all around the nation through our own personal testimonies of deliverance and restoration. One of our goals is to empower the body of Christ. We will continue to set up offices through out the state to help with the initial part of our program rehab placement for those who desire a new life. These offices will collaborate with the local correctional facilities. We currently are established in 3 counties. Our goal is to expand through out the state developing a network of connections to be able to reach every addict and eventually extending across the United States. We currently have 1-12 month residential women’s home named Ashley’s Ark. Our goal is to open a men’s program in our county as well.