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Our Mission

  1. Evangelism & Outreach- We do evangelism schools, weekend activation sessions for the body of Christ as well as do outreaches in the community. 

  2. Our Founder travels and shares her story of hope and offers bibles to those who are in jail and resources for faith based discipleship programs. She also travels to share her story and ministers in the power of the Holy Spirit. You can email for an invitation for her to come to

  3. Kings Banquet- Outreach in inner cities. We set up a beautiful banquet for those who are homeless, addicted, and lost. We spend time inviting them to join us and we give them an invitation to  the Kingdom of God. We have seen many lives saved and rescued off the streets through these outreaches.

  4. Faith Based Program Placement- 90 day residential- 18. months, please see our resource list if in need. We also can assist you with placement if you will email our office at

  5. Leadership Training & Mentorship

  6. Support Groups- we are connected to the local churches in our area. Currently available. support groups are The Launch, Monday Nights at 6:00-7:00pm central time held at Redemption Church. Upcoming support group that we are currently launching- Celebrate Recovery Friday Nights held at Grace Church in Crossville, TN 6:30-9:00pm. We are looking for leadership and volunteers please email us for more information.

  7. Worship Gatherings- Our founder Sarah Myers-Greve is worship leader alongside of her husband Anthony Greve. 

  8. Jail ministry & Court Advocacy as those we help need it. 

  9. We are currently in the process of fundraising for our building project. Our building will be a rescue home for women coming off the streets to be loved to Christ, walked through healing, and discipled. We will house the women for 4 months in the first phase and then assess what their next steps will be, as they identify what they are called to do. We will partner with other faith based programs offering longer residential stay, schooling, job training, and education.

  10. Thrive Womens Group- Our Founder, offers women's discipleship courses, courses on how to pioneer a ministry and courses on how to share your testimony effectively.

  11. Health Coaching- we offer a health program that will help you gain freedom in your health. We have coached people on our team to lose a total of over 700 pounds! To learn more click the link below and fill this form out and some one will contact you.

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