I sense the Lord saying that 2021 is a year of outreach and harvest like we have never seen. I will be opening a new branch of the ministry where we focus on doing outreach to bring in the lost souls. We want to go to the tent cities, to the projects, to the homeless, to Africa, and different places we hear the Lord telling us to go. Apart of this new branch will be us training our women in our Womens program how to evangelize and do effective outreach. We are developing a team and we will post more updates on this page and our facebook page. You can also sign up for newsletters by sending us an emailing through the contact tab above. If you feel lead to partner with us to reach the lost, hurting, homeless. hungry, and addicted go to our give tab and help us by becoming a partner!May God bless you abundantly!

-Sarah Myers

Novemeber 29-Decemeber 1, 2020 we were blessed to partner with Debra George Ministries to be apart of her team in Philadelphia. During the time there in the 3 short days we seen 335 souls born again.After 5 days 1,284 came into the kingdom! Thank you to all our partners for sending us to one of the worst heroin districts in the nation we were honored to share Jesus with them and honored to be be apart of Debra Georges great team. This is part of the outreach we feel God is calling us to to do more of in 2021!