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In 2023 we have heard the Lord speak to us about our tent pegs expanding. We will go into more regions and darker areas. Since marrying Anthony Greve I have felt strongly about the coming together looked like for us to travel together and support our ministries that God had called us too. In my news letter I shared that God has released me from Crossville region only. now that does not mean I will not minister in Crossville. Actually I am doing so on a weekly basis. What it does mean is that I will be traveling more and focusing primarily on the building project. We are still doing some interviews at the jail just not as much.  We are still assisting people to go into a program as the Lord leads them to us. We have partnered with Hope Center Ministries in Cookeville, TN and others to help us place while we transition and go where God has called us to go. If He is calling us to the Nations I must let God of only being in TN.

He is expanding my heart! During this process we have made sure that placement is available for all! We also are focusing on the building project this year so we will have a place for women being rescued off the streets through out the world. We need your prayers and support through this process. I truly thank God for each one of you!

Sarah Myers-Greve


The King's Banquet 2023:
We will be heading back to Louisville, Ky this year in September, to offer an invitation to a changed life inside and out! We will set the dinning table for the Lord to come in and offer those who have been forgotten a place as The Kings Banquet!

Our goal to raise is $5,000 to cover expenses for supplies for those we will meet and in need. To volunteer or sign up for this mission trip and be activated on the streets email us at

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